Do you want a career in security or executive protection, or to advance your training? Knight Training Institute (KTI) offers the best training programs in NYC the industry for new and licensed security personnel. If you need required 8 hour pre-registration and 16 hour on-the-job training to become a New York State licensed security guard, KTI offers regular certification classes online and in-person. We will be adding additional advanced courses as the semester progresses, and launching our full course catalog in 2022.

Ed Troiano (founder of Knight Security New York) started KTI to fill the gap in professional, high-caliber security training available in New York City that met the attention to detail and level of expertise that he demands of his employees. Ed launched the Knight Training Institute (KTI) to provide superior instruction that meets the expectation of service clients demand.

The KTI staff stays informed on the latest trends to create new classes and modify existing course curriculum to reflect any changes in the industry. Our security trainers are all experts in the field with years of experience, often with backgrounds in the NYPD, FDNY, and in fire safety and executive protection.

There are many job opportunities in the security industry

KTI ensures that your training covers more than the basics. We know from experience that providing protection must also include being discreet, professional and trustworthy on every job. We cover all of the best practices and skills needed to have a successful career in the security industry.

Whether you’re starting your career as a security guard or are looking to enhance your security training, KTI has you covered. We offer the following security courses year-round that are required by New York State including:


If you’re interested in transitioning into the entertainment industry, KTI also offers its exclusive Celebrity & Executive Protection Training Course. Created by our founder, this is a master class in what it’s really like to work with A-list celebrities and executives at events, on set and in studio. For every course, KTI will provide a certificate of completion to all students with a passing score.

KTI provides all your security training needs at any stage of your career. We take pride in our curriculum, and in training our students to meet the high standards we’ve set for ourselves and our security teams for more than 20 years. Contact Us to learn more.